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8  week self-defense readiness course
8 week self-defense readiness course


Exclusive 8 week Self-Defense Readiness Course

presented by

DeMile Self-Defense

The Science of Modern Self-Defense & Bruce Lee’s Combatives

Instructor:  Ken DeMile

This course is designed  to rapidly expands the invidivuals capacity to survive the unthinkable regardless of their background with pratical life saving knowledge on how to immediately identify and avoid conflict, while developing the tools to defend and prevail against violent assualt scenarios leveraging stress inoculation techniques, combined with leading edge technology for measuring and tracking ones reaction speed, power, and accuracy for increased striking and firearms efficacy and safety, combined with world class self-defense drills and techniques integrated with pratical fitness circuit training to improve ones physical and mental readiness. 

Program Overview

· Small group training environment

· Common Stand Up and Ground Self-defense & Situational awareness scenarios

· Firearms EDC practice &  retention with LASER software/SIRT laser pistol

· Functional fight / firearm fiitness circuit interval training - with CARDIO SELF-DEFENSE stations

·  Multi Speed &  Power IQ/awareness training 

· Fight ready nutrition strategy

· Individual bio –metric power and speed tracking with FITTEST WARRIOR patent pending software

· Home Security  &  Disastor readiness assessment          

· Certificate of completion

Month to Month $ 269 or receive 10% discount if paid in full for $485

29.00 registration fee

Only ten spots availalbe 

2 class times available - 5 participants only per class

Mon Wednesday's 5:30 to 6:30 PMand Saturdays 10:15 am to 11:15am 

Tues Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30 PM and Saturdays 9 am to 


Womens Self-Defense 3 hour course overview

The Womens self-defense course is designed to equip women of all ages with the fundemental knowledge and training frame work to identify and avoid threats and if needed how to logically and assertively engage physical threats at home or abroad completed by recommendations options for ongoing training.

Ages 14 on up

The course covers the following imperatives:

  • Stratigic Mind Set - Living in reality - avoid Coginative Dissonance- Awareness should lead to Preparedness
  • Fight Mind Set- Why should I train to defend and protect- the divine conviction
  • Fitness - Physical Conditioning and why its important - key exercises for diagnostics and improvement
  • Situational Awareness- scanning enviroment and individual threat behaviors 
  • Space equal times- gauging practical distance for optimal response measures
  • Threat Zones/Hidden Zones - What are they and how to quantify them at Home, School, Car and Abroad
  • Read Physical threat intent- Seed of motion and Seed of Emotion 
  • Verbal Self-Defense- how to difuse and persuade 
  • Body Language- Assertive rather than passive why its critical to ones survival
  • Know your enemy - identify habits and behaviors of the criminal
  • Abuduction attempt - What not to say or do and how to spot a set up
  • What to dress and why for optimal mobility and tactical readiness
  • Physical Self-Defense Techniques - What logical and effective vs. whats not 
  • Practical Striking and Ground Defense technique overview
  • Larger Opponent -Understanding how to apply the correct technique, establish structure, leverage, and position agaisnt a larger male or female attacker
  • Speed - Why it is critical to your surival- how to build and maintain - reaction speed, motion speed and intuitive speed.
  • Home, Travel, & Car Secuity Assessment Overview
  • Weapon options- Gun Knife other etc...

What to do next- What should going forward training road map consist of:


DSS Women’s Self –Defense training is designed for women of all ages. The purpose of this program is to equip woman of teenage to adult age with the emotional, physical, and mental tools to defend themselves for the what if situation.

The crime statistics from the FBI data base are startlingly reminder of the violent nature of American society. Everyday women of all ages are victims of domestic violence, home invasion, rape, murder, and abduction. It seems not a month passes in the media whereby the public is informed that a young woman has been abducted, and as the story usually unfolds she is never seen again.

Given these alarming trends, DSS believes all women should have a fundamental physical and tactical capacity of how to defend themselves, as well as assist others, in the event of an assault or an invasion. To prepare for these potential threats one must understand where potential danger zones are and how to avoid them or secure them. If unavoidable, then it is imperative that one have certain verbal, emotional, tactical, and physical tools to maximize a successful defense against an attack and retreat to a safe place.

AGE 14 on up


Participant will learn to identify threat zones at home, at school, at travel, in a vehicle, on the street etc…

Participant will learn about self-defense tools i.e. Mace, Taser, Locks, Sound Alarm, etc…

Participant be exposed to scenarios in which they will learn to negate a threat and move yourself to safety.

Participant will learn basic victim profiles and the use of body language and voice control.

Student will learn to control fear and gain the confidence and the ability to fight back


Punches, Palm Strikes, hands Hammers Strikes, Elbows, Kicks, Knees strikes and Joint locks,


Grabs and Punches, Chokes, knife and gun attack (Standing and on the Ground), Head Lock, Arm Bar, Hair Pulls, Bear Hugs.


Participant will learn practical strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises that burns fat and while increasing combat readiness


Work out pants, sweat-shirt and sneakers.

Note: No jewelry, short fingernails preferred.

Main Business Address:

Campus Business Center

33633 9th Ave South

Federal Way, WA 98003

Phone: 425-417-0816

Satellite BJJ School Address:

905 Harvey Road 

Auburn Wa 98001

Phone 425-417-0816

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