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Group and Private training classes available

Flexible Utilization
Concealed Carry, fire arms safety, & home defense training

DeMile Martial Arts offers women and men integrated firearms, fitness & self-defense training 

  • Concealed carry considerations 
  • Weapon Defense Classes- how defend agaisnt a gun, knife,  
  • Weapon Retention Classes- how to prevent an attacker from taking your gun or knife away from you
  • Home Defense & Security Classes- How to assess, fortify, alert , defend, and increase survellience agaisnt a potential assault or break in 
  • How to build a Self-Defense strategy 
  • How to increase reaction, motion, and intiutive speed response under stress 
  • How to build a fit Self-defense fight ready body

About the instructor:

Ken DeMile is a renowned Northwest based martial arts competitor, fitness trainer, and instructor in self-defense and firearms training for the street and home. He is an expert in close quarter combat , speed and strength training and rhe application of lethal force.

He began his training over 40 years ago under his Uncle,  the world renowned Grand Master James DeMile.

James is one Bruce Lees original students from the Seattle era. James was a Military heavy weight boxing champion, Special Forces ( 1st Group ) Combatives instructor and Ohio Deputy Sheriff.

James for over fifty years he has trained domestic and international police and military agencies all around the world as well as multiple national and world champion competitors. James is the author of four best selling books on the science of Bruce Lee's fighting concepts and has appeared several films and documentaries.

Ken is Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jtsu and a Black Belt in Wing Chun Do under James DeMile. He is also a certified USCCA firearms instrutor, Israeli Military combatives instuctor in Krav Maga and is a gradute of Masaad Ayoobs Mag 40 training in lethal force and is a Police qualified defensive shooter.

Ken is the co-founder and inventor of The Fittest Warrior bio metric speed and power software tracking techology for increased combat and fitness performance. 

Ken has trained and taught in three different continents  working with domestic and international police and military agenices, as well as world class fighters teachers from different disciplines. Ken is a decorated national and international champion competitor and strength athlete in the North American Scottish Highland Championship games. 

For more information on upcoming classes or private training contact Chief Instructor Ken DeMile 

at 425-417-0816

Main Business Address:

Campus Business Center

33633 9th Ave South

Federal Way, WA 98003

Phone: 425-417-0816

Satellite BJJ School Address:

905 Harvey Road 

Auburn Wa 98001

Phone 425-417-0816

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