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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is eligible to train?
    The DMA is open to all. Our training is designed for men, women, and youth at the beginning of their journey to the most seasoned of self defense and martial arts practioner.

  • Does one have to be fit to train?
    No, We meet each individual as the are. Our goal to help each person achieve the goals.

  • Is one guaranteed rank or certification?
    No,we cannot guarantee that each person will leave with a signed certificate or rank, however, our success is built on yours. If one is committed to the attributes below then one should achieve their objectives. * Consistently shows prepared and ready to train 2-3 days a week * Trains with a positive attitude and open mind * Eats healthy food, stays well hydrated,and gets a good night sleep * Takes initiave to ask questions and help others * Can properly demonstrate and teach techniques when testing * Cares for and respects the training environment * Respects the teacher and fellow members

Main Business Address:

Campus Business Center

33633 9th Ave South

Federal Way, WA 98003

Phone: 425-417-0816

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