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Six Time World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and 2 time Abudabi Champion and Ribieiro Jiu Jitsu Founder-Professor Saolo Ribeiro with Sifu DeMile 2012

Professor Marciio Feitosa , Sifu Ken DeMile, and Professor Flavio Almeida

Professor Korbett Miller, Sifu Ken DeMile, Professor Saulo Ribeiro

Sijo James DeMile with Bruce Lee Circa 1962 from Lee's only penned book 

"Chinese Gung Fu The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense"

Bruce Lee's first students from the Seattlle period 

From left to right

James DeMile, Skip Elisworth, Ed Hart , Jesse Glover and Bruce Lee in the middle 

Jesse Glover and James DeMile 1961

Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon and Ken DeMile 2011

Ken DeMile 1998 Pacific Northwest Sport Ju Jitsu Black Belt Division Champion 

Sijo James DeMile and Sifu Ken DeMile in Pattaya Thailand for Joint Special Forces Combative training certification program

Professor Royce Gracie UFC champion with Sifu Ken DeMile

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